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Biblid: 1451-3188, 14 (2015)
Vol. 15, No 51, str. 104-118

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
Prihvaćeno: 01 Jan 1970


Skakavac Sanja (Правосудна академија, Београд), sanja.skakavac84@gmal.com

The right to a fair trial is the most important element of the rule of law proclaimed in numerous international documents. In this sense, the most important international legal documents are certainly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with international legal standards foresaw the right to a fair trial as an essential principle of judicial conduct and respect for human rights. The right to a fair trial includes several different rights, and in this paper, the author points to only some of the most important rights.

Ključne reči: Human rights, justice, court, trial, public trial