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Biblid: 1451-3188, 10 (2011)
Vol. 11, No 35-36, str. 248-258

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
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Žarin Irina (Форум за међународне односе Европског покрета у Србији), irina_zarin@ hotmail.com

Before the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, the European Commission implementation of a vast amount of European legislation was overseen by Member States experts committees through the so-called “comitology” system. The Lisbon Treaty has the aim not to only replace comitology with “delegated acts”, which come under parliamentary control, but also to enhance transparency and democratic control that the comitology system lacked before. Although this might seem as a way to simplify the whole procedure, a lot still remains to bee seen whether it would essentially contribute to the quality of the adopted legal acts.

Ključne reči: European Union, Lisbon Treaty, institutional order, comitology system, committees, decision-making, legislator, delegated acts, measures for implementation of acts