Open access policy

The journal European Legislation is a scientific journal that is published in open access, i.e. it is available in accordance with the principles of open access (Open Access Journal).

The journal does not charge authors a fee for publishing papers.

Papers are published in paper and digital form. Published works can be downloaded free of charge from the journal’s website and can be distributed for research, scientific, educational and other purposes in accordance with the Declaration on Open Access adopted in 2001 in Budapest and the Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities adopted in 2003 in Berlin. In this sense, it is based on the principles of free exchange of knowledge and free availability of research results. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search the full text of articles, as well as establish HTML links to them for indexing purposes or for any other lawful purpose, without the obligation to seek the consent of the author or publisher, i.e. without financial, legal or technical obstacles other than those that are inseparable from internet access itself. The right to use the content without written consent does not release users from the obligation to cite the content of the journal. The content is published without delay (without the so-called embargo period), and the works contained in the journal can be used without asking for special permission, provided that they are cited correctly. In this regard, reproductions and distributions are possible with full respect for the integrity of the authors and their copyrights to be properly recognized and cited.