Editorial Policy

The European Legislation is a specialized scientific journal that deals with the study of European Union law, as well as legislative aspects of European integration. In this sense, the journal covers the field of social sciences, scientific disciplines, International and European law and International relations.

The publisher of the journal is the Institute of International Politics and Economics from Belgrade.

The journal has been published continuously for over two decades.

Considering the importance of the journal for harmonizing the legislation and legal practice of the Republic of Serbia with the legislation and legal practice of the European Union, the articles dealing with individual normative acts and the practice of the bodies of the European Union should be of a typical nature.

The journal publishes unpublished original and reviewed scientific works by one or more authors. The journal also publishes expert papers in which experiences from the empirical study of certain legal and political fields of European integration are offered. Also, the European legislation may occasionally publish reviews of books and events of wider scientific research importance.

Papers are published in Serbian with abstracts in Serbian and English.

Papers can also be published in languages related to the Serbian language. Papers submitted in the language of a national minority or ethnic group living in the Republic of Serbia may also be published with the obligation of the author to submit a translation of the paper into Serbian.

All submitted papers are subject to anonymous peer review.

The date of receipt of the work, as well as the date of acceptance of the work for publication, is recorded at the beginning of the text. The journal is published continuously quarterly, four times a year in four volumes or three times a year (as two issues and two separate volumes).

Digital copies of journal volumes are archived in the digital repository of the Institute for International Politics and Economy. Digital and printed copies of the magazine are submitted to the repository of the National Library of Serbia in accordance with positive regulations.

European legislation is indexed in domestic and foreign electronic databases of scientific journals (such as the Central and Eastern European Online Library).