УДК 327.84(497.11)
Библид: 1451-3188, 15 (2016)
Vol. 16, No 55, стр. 314-325

Изворни научни рад
Примљено: 01 Jan 1970
Прихваћено: 01 Jan 1970


Pejanović Ljubo (Факултет за правне и пословне студије Др Лазар Вркатић. Нови Сад), pejanovicljubo@gmail.com
Rakić Mile

Implementation of globalization and the new world order included numerous actors with their specific interests and goals, which is in turn drastically endangering the interest of the Republic of Serbia, its society and its security as a whole – that is, the system of national security. In this specific problem of globalization, the authors pointed out potential threats, risks and consequences, which can jeopardize the security of the Republic of Serbia. The process of market oriented policies alone, directed toward the developing countries, can present a problem in a sense of national security. In that sense, financial debt created by the IMF is the risk to national security. Moreover, there are multiple threats posed to the international community by different actors. We can conclude that, in current circumstances, the intelligence activity must have support from the political decision makers, as well as the other institutions and subjects of the defense system and other subjects involved directly or indirectly in the security sector.

Кључне речи: intelligence, industry, globalization, threats, risks, migration