UDC 620.9(4-672EU); 620.9(497.11)
Biblid: 1451-3188, 18 (2019)
Vol. 18, No 68, pp. 93-105

Stručni rad
Received: 30 Apr 2019
Accepted: 01 Jun 2019


VIĆIĆ Marija (Advokat u saradnji sa Karanović & Partners o.a.d., doktorant Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu),
TOMIĆ Katarina (Student master studija Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu)

The authors provide in this article an overview of the energy law regulatory framework in the European Union after the implementation of the third energy package, versus the regulatory framework in the Republic of Serbia. The authors further seek to determine on the basis of the comparative approach to which amount the third energy package is implemented in the Republic of Serbia and what are its benefits and its drawbacks from the perspective of the investments in the Serbian energy market. Accordingly, this article is comprised of three parts. The first one gives an overview of the European legislation, while the second one gives a general overview of the applicable laws (and by-laws) in Serbia. In the third and final part, the authors seek to establish the success of the implementation process through the comparative approach and by addressing certain problematic aspects which may arise with respect to certain institutes in the practice. The purpose of this article is to draw the attention of the scientific and professional audience to the importance of monitoring of the development of the legislation in the energy sector as one of the crucial fields of the future economic development and environmental protection.

Keywords: Third Energy Package, European Union, energy law, renewable energy resources, privileged power producer