UDC 343.37
Biblid: 1451-3188, 16 (2017)
Vol. 17, No 60, pp. 63-74

Оriginal article
Received: 01 Jan 1970
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Skakavac Zdravko (Факултет за правне и пословне студије „др Лазар Вркатић“, Нови Сад), zskakavac@useens.net
Skakavac Tatjana

The Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Criminal Code was adopted on the 11.23.2016. Most of its provisions will begin to apply on 01.06.2017., while some of them will come into force before – the eighth day from their publication in the Official Gazette (the provisions of Art. 41), while the provisions of Art. 24, 27 and 35 to 38 will come into force later – 01.03.2018. The main reasons for the adoption of this law are related to the harmonization of the Serbian criminal legislation with international law, especially the European standards, but also because of the need to solve some of the current problems in the judicial practice. Amendments were also made in the General and the Special Part of the Criminal Code. Most of the changes were in a separate section, which adopted some new incrimination. The Special part of the Penal Code has undergone the significant changes, because they introduced some new incrimination, individual incriminations were specified, while the individual correction executed the penalty prescribed for the purposes of the stricter penal policy. However, most of the changes in the Special part were in the group of criminal offenses against the economy, and so, in this paper, the authors will devote special attention to these offenses.

Keywords: Criminal Code, Economic crime, incrimination, fraud, abuse, bribery