UDC 327:355.02(282.243.7)(4-672EU)
Biblid: 1451-3188, 16 (2017)
Vol. 17, No 60, pp. 227-238

Оriginal article
Received: 15 Mar 2023
Accepted: 15 Mar 2023


Marković Darko M. (Министарство унутраших послова Републике Србије), darko.mmarkovic@mup.gov.rs

Connecting interests of 115 million citizens of 14 countries, including Serbia, the Danube River bears strategically political and economic significance for each of those countries, as well as for the EU as a whole. With the goal of rationally using all of the Danube\\\'s natural and economic potential on its path from the source to the Black Sea, the European Union has adopted the Strategy for the Danube Region, with an Action Plan lying on four pillars and 11 priority areas. The last, but not the least important priority area promotes “To work together to tackle security and organised crime”. By pointing out the political and economic specificities of the entire Danube region, with a particular overview of the Republic of Serbia, the aim of this paper is to shed light on the security aspects of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region in relation to various referential objects of security.

Keywords: security aspects, strategy, Danube, European Union, EU, Danube Region, navigation regime