UDC 502.131.1:620.9(497.11)(094.5) 502.131.1:620.9(4-672EU)(094.5)
Biblid: 1451-3188, 15 (2016)
Vol. 16, No 55, pp. 143-157

Оriginal article
Received: 01 Jan 1970
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Todić Dragoljub (Институт за међународну политику и привреду, Београд), d.todic@ diplomacy.bg.ac.rs
Grbić Vladimir

The paper points to the importance of energy efficiency in the policy of the European Union (EU) and the Republic of Serbia (RS). It emphasizes the links between energy policy and environmental policy and climate change. The first part of the paper explores some of the key issues defined in the Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency, amending Directives 2009/125/EC and 2010/30/EU and repealing Directives 2004/8/EC and 2006/32/EC (goals, measures, basic obligations and rights, etc.). The Directive establishes a common framework of action for the Member States with the aim to undertake improvement measures in the field of energy efficiency within the Union, in order to ensure the achievement of the main objective of the Union in terms of energy efficiency - its increase by 20% by 2020. It underlines the importance of measures in the field of the efficient use of energy and efficient energy supply, and a group of measures of the horizontal character. A separate part of the study overlooks the importance of energy efficiency issues for the RS. Strategic and regulatory framework in the RS is placed in the context of the harmonization of national legislation with EU regulations. In that regard, there have been emphasized the basic elements defined by the Law on the efficient use of energy, the Energy Law, the relevant by-laws, and relevant strategic documents. There have been given indications of the direction of the further development of legislation in this area and the need to adopt appropriate sub legal regulations

Keywords: energy efficiency, energy, climate change, environment, regulations of the European Union, Directive 2012/27/EU, the Republic of Serbia, the harmonization of national regulations