UDC 343.2/.7:502.17
Biblid: 1451-3188, 11 (2012)
Vol. 12, No 41, pp. 286-308

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Received: 01 Jan 1970
Accepted: 01 Jan 1970


Matijašević Jelena (Правни факултет за привреду и правосуђе Универзитета Привредна академија у Новом Саду), jelena@pravni-fakultet.info
Dragojlović Joko
Jež Zdravko

Environmental degradation with various illegal acts is a major problem of modern society. Many problems have led to that the protection of environment has become a preoccupation of the modern man, and a human rights together with the environmental protection has become inextricably linked. The influence of illegal activities that are subsumed by this term exceeds the limit of environmental degradation and leads to the consequences of wider social and economic character, which reflects negatively on the overall social development. Considering the great importance of planning, promotion and protection of the environment, the international community has set legal standards in this area that Member States are obliged to implement in their national legislation. In this regard, the European Union is a significant part of its activities focused on the organization of system maintenance, development, promotion and protection of the environment. EU action in this field, especially criminal law protection of the environment at the EU level have been treated in this paper. Special emphasis is placed on the analysis of the Directive 2008/99/EC on the protection of the environment through criminal law.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Crime, Criminal Law protection, European Union, Directive 2008/99/EC on the protection of the Environment through Criminal Law