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Biblid: 1451-3188, 14 (2015)
Vol. 15, No 52-53, str. 150-160

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
Prihvaćeno: 01 Jan 1970


Vesić Dobrica (Институт за међународну политику и привреду, Београд), dobrica@diplomacy.bg.ac.rs

In the present analysis, the author examines the legal status of participants in the deregulated capital market or MTP market: organizers MTP markets, investment companies, broker-dealer companies, authorized banks and the Investor Protection Fund. The author devotes special attention on the legal rules governing the financial stock market, as well as the perception that prevails in the theory of corporate law. He concludes that the legal significance of the stock exchange differs from the economic meaning. As a special legal form of business organization, the stock market includes a range of contracting operations in the financial market. The principle of quotations of securities provides protection, mutual trust of all stakeholders, applying the principles of solidity transactions, with a view to compliance with the universal principle of good faith in the law.

Ključne reči: capital markets, legal status, participants, EU, Serbia