UDK 338.1(4-672EU)
Biblid: 1451-3188, 14 (2015)
Vol. 15, No 51, str. 119-134

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Primljeno: 13 Mar 2023
Prihvaćeno: 13 Mar 2023


Raičević Vuk (Факултет за економију и инжењерски менаџмент у Новом Саду), vuk.m.raicevic @gmail.com
Glomazić Rade

Although, nowadays, European governments largely supports environmental safety, energy efficiency and reduction of poverty, public policy in practice still lacks much needed comprehensive approach in support of sustainable development. In light of the growing political, social and economic turmoil, political activities for “sustainability” are of the utmost importance to meet the challenges of today’s society in creating a proper and prosperous world. For this reason, sustainability must be the main course of action by EU governments through its regulatory measures, laws and funding priorities. Once this is confirmed, in this article we are trying to point out that sustainability is necessairy and much needed paradigm of public policy that can combine wealth and equality and to create a new European growth model. If today the concept of sustainable development is a way to overcome intertwined and related issues at all levels of society, then the three main elements for the implementation of the leadership, green growth (Economics) and a partnership. This paradigm of sustainable policies can be applied only with honest leadership in a partnership manner and respect the policy of establishing green growth.

Ključne reči: European Union, regulations, sustainable development, green economy, public policy, growth