UDK 338.1(497.11)
Biblid: 1451-3188, 14 (2015)
Vol. 15, No 51, str. 273-294

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
Prihvaćeno: 01 Jan 1970


Macura Milenko (Трећа београдска гимназија, Београд), macuratreca@gmail.com
Atlagić Marko (Филозофски факултет у Косовској Мировици), atlagicmarko@gmail.com

Globalization, as a universal process of integration and change on an international basis, affected almost all spheres of scientific, economic and social life. In striving for domination and spheres of influence competitive battle without scruples is being intensified, primarily in the area of political and economic relations. Globalization is not just an intensification of international cooperation, as it is often interpreted, but also means the interweaving of different business cultures, respecting of the same principles and application of similar tools in business. In parallel with processes of globalization, processes of interdependence and integration are being developed both in the field of technology and economics, as well as in politics. The world is changing so rapidly that almost every next year does not resemble the previous one, and consequently new circumstances require different behavior and constant adjustment or change management. The era of globalization, as an irreversible process, has led to having a large number of foreign companies, in one national economy, which use the same geographical and cultural space in order to achieve its primary interest, which is profit. Regardless of the fact that globalization equalizes the values in business; it still cannot erase customs, mentality, habits and traditions of a particular region. The attempt to change those, as a rule, gives the negative effects and the basic starting points of all multinational companies are that in addition to knowing the economic environment in which they want to enter, they also have to know the indirect business parameters that are difficult to change. It is necessary to adapt to these parameters, such as habits, customs and traditions, in order to make a profit. The era of globalization is a synonym for the global market and the world economy.

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