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Biblid: 1451-3188, 13 (2014)
Vol. 14, No 47-48, str. 67-91

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
Prihvaćeno: 01 Jan 1970


Popović Aleksandra (Студент докторских студија, Правни факултет Универзитета у Београду), a_aleksandra@yahoo.com

Free movement of workers as a fundamental principle enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union developed by secondary legislation and the case law of the Court of Justice is analysed in this paper. The European Union citizens are entitled to look for a job in another EU country, reside there, enjoy mutual recognition of professional qualifications, equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions, social and tax advantages, and stay there after employment has finished. This paper also points out the importance of free movement of workers in the process of harmonization of the law of the Republic of Serbia with European Union law.

Ključne reči: Worker, free movement of workers, European Union law