UDK 347.734:061.1
Biblid: 1451-3188, 10 (2011)
Vol. 11, No 37-38, str. 96-111

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Primljeno: 01 Jan 1970
Prihvaćeno: 01 Jan 1970


Obradović Kristina (Народна банка Србије),

Considering the importance of establishing the comprehensive and effective system of ethical standards in the institution such as the European central bank, the author presents review of the current codes of conduct’s provisions, including some basic principles which make the framework of the rules prescribed in these codes of conduct, beside the fact that these principles are not actually the part of those codes of conduct. Thus, the special attention is paid to the independence, conflict of interests, gifts and honors, additional jobs and activities, confidential information and insider information, in other wordsto the prescribed demands related to those issues − for the members of the Governing Council, members of the Executive Board, as well as for the all employees of the ECB. However, the author analyzesthe system of ECB’s ethicalstandardsin relation to the concept of the independence of this institution. In this respect, the author concludes that the functions conferred to ECB, as well as institutional, legal, personal, functional and financial independence, granted to provide all necessary preconditions for the smooth performing of these functions – derived the demand for establishing the ethical rules and mechanisms as a form of guarantee that staff of this institution, to whom the Eurozone member states delegated the attributes of their monetary sovereignty, will perform their responsible duties honestly, professionally and conscientiously, taking into account the interests of the Eurozone, a not their personal interests.

Ključne reči: Code of conduct of the European central bank – Conflict of interests – Gifts and honors – Additional jobs and activities – Confidential information – Insider information